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Prodesign glasses are offered in such a large collection that everyone can find themselves a perfect pair of reading glasses. Known for high quality and attention to design details, Prodesign glasses have gain respect and good reputation among many Canadian and American opticians. Good quality glasses keep shape for longer, don't fade on face contact points and don't scratch easily. Prodesign glasses, with proper care, are known to last as long as 10 or even more years for their customers.

At Readingglassesstore.com we are happy to offer reading lenses for your Prodesign glasses frames in many coatings and lenses type combinations. We offer separate coatings for anti-glare and anti-scratch as well as in combination as we recognize that for reading glasses you may have your own preference. No matter which Prodesign glasses you choose, we will make thinnest, flattest and clearest lenses possible to ensure you are getting best Prodesign glasses for your budget.

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