Single Vision Prescription Lenses Mounted into Frames

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Prescription Lenses mounted onto your frames of choice according to prescription provided.

  • Reading Glasses Store Customer Service is available all week long to answer any prescription or product questions that you might have. Our e-mail is [email protected]
  • Buy designer glasses with lenses to save even more money and avoid a hassle of driving to a store. We fulfill your prescription within a week and ship a complete product to your door. All lenses are high quality from a leading lenses manufacturer. We guarantee prescription match or money back grantee! Should you have a different prescription a year or two later, simply ship us your frames previously purchased from our website and we will install new lenses for your at a 10% discount!

How to choose lenses types

Basic Lenses 1.5 Index

  • When you buy reading glasses online knowing your lenses index options is very important
  • Choose 1.5 Index these lenses if you have low prescription and are buying full rim frames
  • These are lowest cost lenses for single vision prescriptions up to +/- 2.00

Durable Polycarbonate Lenses 1.59 Index

  • Reading glasses are normally susceptible to wear and tear than distance glasses because you tend to take them off more
  • 1.56 Index Lenses are thinner by average 15% than 1.5 Index Lenses
  • These lenses are stronger than typical lenses because of polycarbobate material that makes them chip or break less and more withstanding to careless handling
  • Choose these lenses for semi-rimless frames or rimless frames
  • Will work well for single vision prescriptions up to +/- 2.50

Thin Lenses 1.61 Index

  • Reading and distance glasses tend to be heavy with strong prescriptions
  • 1.6 Index lenses will work best for high single vision prescriptions between +/- 2.75 and +/-4.00
  • 1.61 Index Lenses are up to 25% thinner as compared to 1.5 Index Basic Lenses

Ultra Thin Lenses 1.67 Index

  • Ultra thin reading or distance lenses are for custom made glasses for high prescriptions
  • 1.67 Index will work best for single vision prescriptions over +/-4.00
  • 1.67 Lenses are up to 35% thinner as compared to 1.5 Index Basic Lenses

How to choose lenses coatings

Scratch Resistant Coating

  • At our Reading Glasses Store we offer best scratch resistant coating that will result in longer of your lenses. Lenses will become more wear and tear

Anti-reflective Coating

  • Anfti-reflective coating, or anti-glare coating, is a must have with higher prescriptions or prescriptions with astigmatism
  • Main purpose of this coating is to reduce lenses glare and thus the eyestrain caused by outer glare of light and glare
  • Your lenses will be more transparent and clearer
  • Glasses visually will look better due to less apparent look of the lenses on the face

UV Protection Coating

  • UV Protection Coating blocks off ultra violet rays caused by sun and artificial indoor lightning
  • Helps avoid eye degenerative conditions such as cataract

Hydrophobic Coating

  • Repels water and makes lenses cleaning easier and more effective
  • Keeps lenses clean for longer time
  • Vision is sharper through cleaner lens

Four Coatings Bundle (4 for the price of 2)

  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • UV Protection Coating
  • Anti-reflective Coating
  • Hydrophobic Coating

What are Transitions lenses?

Transitions are photochromic lenses darkening technology that was created to make lenses adopt to outside lighting conditions. When you step outdoors, lenses react to UV and darken providing a comfort of sun lenses. Once you step indoors lenses lighten to complete transparency and act as regular lenses. Choose among two transitions tint colors.
  • Grey looks good on gunmetal, silver and black frames
  • Brown looks good on brown, gold, bronze and tortoise frames

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